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Our Core Values

As individuals, we are shaped by different cultural, professional and personal experiences.

Our shared values enable us to combine our personal strengths with those of others to make Dollar Dealers stronger, better, more innovative and more successful.

We could write a movie series about our values. We’re a company that spans various areas of Auckland and cultures, and values are hugely important to us.

But when you boil it down, there are just three simple things that guide us.

And it doesn’t matter who or where we are within Dollar Dealers, these are the values we share and they underpin our culture and who we are.


We have the responsibility to do the right thing for our teams. We conduct business in a manner that requires trust, accountability, honesty, and mutual respect.


We work together to build positive environments and cultures that lead to success.


We measure success by achieving and rewarding our results, expanding our operations, increasing our customer base and educating our teams to have industry leading skill sets.
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Register your Interest with Dollar Dealers

Congratulations on taking the first step in joining the Dollar Dealers team. By completing the online registration, you are registering your interest in a position with Dollar Dealers. Your details will be kept in our database and if a position opportunity comes up and your skills and experience match – we will contact you.

Please note: You may not hear from us at all if there are no positions available or if your specific skills are not suitable. We will still advertise roles on this website if roles with specific qualifications and skills are required.

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