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Debra Eves

Sales & Customer Service Associate

Debra Eves

Q1. Why did you come to Dollar Dealers?
I was looking for a role that would give me a balance with my work and personal life after many years of rostered work. I had heard about Dollar Dealers through friends who were working for Dollar Dealers and they mentioned that it was a great place to work.

Q2. What makes Dollar Dealers a fantastic place to work?
We are all on the same page. We all get on well and have open lines of communication with management. Having a manager that understands and respects the staff makes coming to work enjoyable. Our team environment and celebrating our successes also plays an important part.

Q3. What does your role involve?
I greet and assist our customers – treating them all the same way. Keeping our retail area clean and presentable and assisting my colleagues with their duties when necessary.
I also enjoy building an environment that encourages motivation and also lifts the spirits of my colleagues.

Kossack Chambers

Store Manager

Kossack Chambers

Q1. Why do you enjoy working for Dollar Dealers?
I enjoy working at Dollar Dealers because no two days are the same. The most exciting part of the job is not knowing who or what is coming through the doors next.

Q2. What does your role involve?
My role is to support my team and to achieve the goals and standards set by the company and the Management team.

Q3. What do you like about Dollar Dealers?
I like Dollar Dealers because of the culture that the company fosters for its employees. I also like Dollar Dealers as I have made some good friends and I also like our customers.

Shane Hadley

Assistant Store Manager

Shane Hadley

Q1. What does your role involve?
My role at Dollar Dealers is the Assistant Store Manager of the Avondale Branch of the company. I am a Pawnbroker/Retailer and specialise in electronics.

Q2. What do you like about Dollar Dealers?
The thing I like the most about working at Dollar Dealers is the variety of items we get to see daily and the different people that I get to meet. No day is the same in a pawn shop.

Q3. What is team like at Dollar Dealers?
The team at Dollar Dealers is unique as we are all from different backgrounds but come together with the same goal to make our respective stores run to the best of our abilities.

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